Viper King

Aim 75
Crit ??
Defense ??
Health 50
Mobility 14
Will 50
Dodge 15

Viper King is an Enemy in XCOM 2. It is exclusive to the Alien HuntersDLC, and is one of the 3 rulers that can be randomly encountered.

Viper King Information


In-game description goes here.


  • Bolt Caster: 4-6 Damage
  • Bind: 2-4 Damage
  • Bind and Crush
  • Tongue Pull
  • Frostbite


Tactical Strategies

  • Keep your distance to avoid their melee range strikes and use explosives here to damage them from a distance. They can be quite evasive so gunfire may not be as effective as it is with other enemies. These are perfect targets for the Grenadier.
  • The best way to free an in bound soldier, is a Slash done by a Ranger.
  • If soldiers are at close proximity of each other, the Viper King does the Poison Spit attack that poisons eveyone in the AOE.



  • ??
  • ??

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